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We write articles about game discoverability, how-to's on getting your games in front of press and content creators, as well as insights into the data we look at every day.

  • Announcing: our new Events feature

    We’re very pleased to have publicly announced our new events feature for PressEngine, which is a unique offering for media and influencers.

  • We're sponsoring the 2024 MCV/Develop Awards

    PressEngine is super proud to be sponsoring the MCV/DEVELOP Awards once again, and we're delighted to support the UK industry.

  • Announcing PressEngine Incubators

    Not every content creator or streamer has 1.2m views per video, and thousands of comments and shares. Most don’t have 1,200 views per video. As part of our drive to support content creators, we've made a policy change to that will allow more creators access to more content; and we've called this the PressEngine Incubator.

  • Epilepsy and The Gamers

    1 in every 100 people here in the UK have epilepsy, and with the games industry growing every day, many of those people will be consumers who play or others will work in the industry. Purple Day provides a fantastic opportunity to find out more about this condition and ultimately ask yourself the question: What can I do to make my game or content more accessible to those with epilepsy?

  • Our Twitter giveaway

    With PressEngine's second birthday fast approaching we wanted to give back to those who have believed in us and trusted us with their game discovery. With that in mind we are hosting a Twitter giveaway for one free outreach campaign worth £150/$200!

  • How PressEngine works with Press and Influencers

    We wanted to talk a little about influencers, and what that means at PressEngine. How do we assess influencers, why do we manually approve every single contact, and how can you get the best from the platform.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 29th Nov - 5th Dec

    Nintendo held steady this week, sticking with their 26% share. A lot of coverage gained on the news that the N64 classic, Paper Mario is coming to Nintendo Switch Online via the Expansion Pack service.

  • Title Share of Voice: 22nd-28th November

    Last week was the big sales week of the year in the videogames industry, as Black Friday took over the internet, and inboxes were flooded day after day. Thankfully most developers and publishers understood what they were up against, as we saw a big reduction in the number of announcements and assets distributed.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 22nd-28th November

    This week's share of voice is an interesting one, and absolutely an outlier in terms of comparisons between sales and coverage. This little retail event called Black Friday happened, and it gets its own mention in the most covered topics on Wednesday.

  • Title Share of Voice: 15th-21th November

    This week we've got a new entry right at the top. Following the surprise announcement that Halo Infinite's online multiplayer section would launch earlier than planned, the internet went wild, well, 23.2% of the video game internet went wild.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 15th-21th November

    It will come as no surprise to many to see Xbox making a large gain at the top of the share of voice for platforms this week. After an overwhelmingly positive response to the multiplayer aspect of Halo:Infinite there was very little the three other major platforms could do. A sensible choice to remain quiet in the week that was massively dominated by the 343 Industries release.

  • Title Share of Voice: 8th-14th November

    Playground Games and Xbox Games Studios launched Forza Horizon 5 last week, taking nearly a third of the total share of voice from the top ten titles. It's been critically acclaimed since its launch, so the spike in coverage was to be expected. Whether it remains top-of-mind for the industry next week is uncertain.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 8th-14th November

    Another week, another top finish from Xbox - this time due to the fantastic start made by Forza Horizon, and the upcoming Halo Infinite. Forza's success isn't just on Game Pass, with more than two million sales of the premium edition, or additional content to unlock early access. In fact, it was #2 on Steam for sales last week, showcasing the reception among consumers.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 1st-7th November

    Last weeks' share of voice produced some incredibly interesting data, which in turn offers some really interesting information on how games and services are being covered. In fact, this week marks the first time Game Pass became a top ten contributor to the platform share of voice.

  • Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign Update

    In conjunction with Seedrs, we have today closed our crowdfunding campaign, and Seedrs has begun returning any money that had been paid to supporters and investors. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, and to Seedrs for their assistance with the programme.

  • Title Share of Voice: 25th-31st October

    Last week was a mammoth one for Square Enix, securing 26.5% share of voice in the top ten games covered last week for Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. In its release week, it actually gained nearly 20% more coverage than Call of Duty: Vanguard, and almost three times the coverage of Halo Infinite, given the benefit of the review cycle.

  • Welcome to the blog

    It’s always scary starting a blog with a general topic, but we did want to begin to tell the story of the data we love, and the platform we’ve created.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 25th-31st October

    Last week represents some very interesting data, with the topline suggesting little change in the running order, but the underlying detail revealing more than the usual upward or downward trends.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 11th-17th October

    In a seemingly uneventful week for games, we also saw little movement in platform share, although PC did climb to 10%, a marked improvement on recent weeks.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 4th-10th October

    Considering the number of press releases issued on the final day of the week before, it's fair to say the only impact those Steam Next Fest Demos had was on press inboxes, rather than coverage. At this stage, it's hard to see where PC gains it share of voice outside Valve exclusives or events.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 20th-26th September

    As predicted, Nintendo stole share of voice this week, racking up nearly half of all coverage across games publications last week, after announcing a number of updates, incomings and a swathe of 3rd party titles. The key here is understanding it wasn't just the Direct that secured this share of voice, but the addition of articles covering over 20 games in the showcase.

  • Platform Share of Voice: 13th-19th September

    Despite increased visibility with Deathloop, Sony slips into third place for last week. In what could be described as normality, Nintendo and Microsoft confirm their traditional 1st and 2nd place, with only 1st party releases and events pushing the format holder into first place.

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