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Title Share of Voice: 25th-31st October

Last week was a mammoth one for Square Enix, securing 26.5% share of voice in the top ten games covered last week for Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. In its release week, it actually gained nearly 20% more coverage than Call of Duty: Vanguard, and almost three times the coverage of Halo Infinite, given the benefit of the review cycle.

We’d expect both of those titles to hit similar heights in each games’ release window, but it’ll be interesting to see the drop-off in coverage for Eidos Montreal’s latest outing, given the single-player focus, considering Halo and Call of Duty’s online presence.

Elsewhere, Age of Empires nearly equaled Halo Infinite’s coverage, and actually gained more coverage that Rockstar’s announcement of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, as Microsoft scored the first noticeable impact for PC specific coverage in our platform share of voice.

Grand Theft Auto: Online continues to gain coverage, as search generative features begin appearing across major publications in specialist and mainstream press. Much like Grant Theft Auto: Online, anything Rockstar does seems to strike gold, and with a focus on fewer marketing beats for larger impact, this continues to pay dividends for the Take Two label.

Rounding out the top-ten, Apex Legends did well with season 11 content, while Pokemon Go, Fortnite and FIFA 22 continue to do well based on SEO based features. The real surprise, though, was Little Devil Inside.

With the benefit of Sony’s State of Play showcase, Little Devil inside really stood out among press, coming in at a respectable eighth, generating three times as much coverage than FIFA 22.

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