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Announcing PressEngine Incubators

With the advent of YouTube, the gaming industry changed forever, and as Twitch became a real competitor, nothing was ever going to be the same. Influencers and content creators have become a huge part of the video games industry, helping to showcase the latest upcoming games, the most popular games right now, and growing their own audiences to the point that a small percentage now consider streaming or video production their full-time job.

The majority of creators produce video because of the passion they have for gaming, and we should applaud and support them whenever possible. But not everyone has 1.2m views per video, and thousands of comments and shares. Most don’t have 1,200 views per video. Many creators often find themselves asking how they grow their channels, and how to they take that next step.

At PressEngine, we’ve always considered the needs of this community, but we haven’t done enough. So as part of our drive to support content creators, we've made a policy change that will allow more creators access to more content; we've created PressEngine Incubators.

There are no minimum requirements to become a PressEngine Incubator, besides producing content.

As a member of PressEngine Incubators, we’re making you a three-fold promise:

1. The same access as every other type of media
As part of our incubator programme, you’ll get the same access as other media to games promoted on PressEngine. While we as a platform don’t grant or deny game code, we don’t believe this should be limited to selected titles. Every game on PressEngine is promoted by a developer, publisher or agency, and there’s no valid reason for us to limit the games you have access to. The more content you can secure, the faster your channel will grow.

2. Access to developers and publishers
There are no gates or hoops to jump through on PressEngine. For every game listed, there is a contact for you to email; we do not stop you interacting directly with promoters; in fact, we encourage it.

3. We’ll do our best to help you grow
We’ll craft a knowledgebase with articles and videos that showcase how growth was achieved by popular channels, and tips & tricks on how to make the most from the content you’re producing.

We’re just beginning our journey within the games industry, having recently celebrated our 2nd birthday, and winning the Best Newcomer at the MCV/Develop awards in April 2022, but we’re already making waves. We’ll continue to do so, and we hope you’ll be part of that journey with us.

To apply to become a PressEngine incubator, sign-up now: https://app.pressengine.net/register/press

(Article header photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels.)

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