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Video Games Press, Influencer or Content Creator?  Find out how PressEngine can help you

> Video Games PR agency, Publisher or Developer?

Discover the better way to manage video game campaigns.

PressEngine saves you money by consolidating multiple tools into one platform, and it saves you time with our built-in automations that are simple to use and deliver results.

  • Send outreach campaigns to verified and audited video game contacts
  • Manage review keys with press, influencers and content creators
  • Run bespoke media and influencer events, or as part of gamescom, PAX etc
  • Discover coverage across web, print, video and streams
  • Easily view publication and channel data in one click
  • Take advantage of the highest key-to-coverage rate in the industry
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Our key-to-coverage ratio is the best in the industry, driving engagement and discoverability of new titles.

We actively empower press, influencers, content creators and steam curators with the ability to easily provide coverage, and provide them the tools by which to monitor their coverage rate.

The key-to-coverage rate is a direct feed from our platform and was correct as of 09:52am, 17th November 2021. It represents the number of keys for which we have review coverage from press, content creators, influencers and steam curators, across all titles, for the past three months. Updating in 52s.

Simplify your outreach process.
No more mail-merge, or contact loading, and ditch those key code spreadsheets.

Use a platform that makes it easy to send targeted outreach, pre-sell campaigns, release updates, or one-click follow-ups and ICYMI's. Send multi-stage code offers, updates to code holders, and invitations to launch events and demo booths. Easily attach press kits, embed YouTube videos or assets to your comms, with detailed reporting on every interaction, and wrap up your admin with automated coverage discovery.

Can you be sure everyone you're talking to is who they say they are? Every single contact is verified and checked.

What if every time you sent an email something automatically updated the contacts and removed those who are no longer there, and that the people you were sending the press release to would actually read it. Or, when "Bob" from Top Game News requests code, you could trust that it was Bob, and not someone looking for an easy key to resell.

We check every single person registered on PressEngine. They are who they say they are.

Introducing Event Management

Invite media and influencers to your demo booths, launch parties, showcases and much, much more, just as easily as you send a campaign.

Easily prioritise top media, send exclusive personal invites direct. Manage your schedule, easily reschedule appointments, create waiting lists. All in PressEngine.

Press can also manage their schedule, for free, giving your event much more discoverability.


Stop spending hours scouring websites, or re-running the same report query, looking for coverage. Our automated tools find and analyse the coverage for you.

Campaign driven coverage, organic coverage, search engine results listings, Twitch streamers, YouTube content creators and podcasters; we could list more, but you get the picture. Take advantage of in-depth outlet analysis, readership intentions and sentiment analysis.

Say goodbye to coverage spreadsheets, fiddling with confusing report query parameters, or opening thirty tabs at once to see who's written about your games.

We actively empower press and content creators to create coverage for their keys. What would you do for 100% coverage?

Have you just accepted that the industry norm for coverage from review code is around 20%? You shouldn’t have to accept mediocrity, neither do we, and we've got the results to prove it.

Games on PressEngine consistently achieve above 80% coverage. In fact, some titles reach the heady heights of 100% - and we share our coverage rate publicly.

PressEngine was built to solve the problems of agencies, publishers, developers, and press, all in one platform.

Our focus is on features and tools to save time, so that you can get back to creating great games and content.

We use the data we collect to write insightful articles about game discoverability.

Our articles cover topics such as game discoverability, how-to's on getting your games in front of press and content creators, as well as insights into the data we look at every day.

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PressEngine is run by a team of videogame enthusiasts, PR aficionados, data-hungry analysts and magical developers, and we want to hear from you!

If you have any questions about PressEngine, suggestions or feature requests, we’re more than happy to hear from you.

Use the contact form to get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you'd like to arrange a demo then please let us know when you're available.