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Platform Share of Voice: 25th-31st October

Last week represents some very interesting data, with the topline suggesting little change in the running order, but the underlying detail revealing more than the usual upward or downward trends.

While Xbox shows a 12% decline in share of voice, it still retains the top spot, and realistically, it's only an 8% drop, because that 4% increase in the PC space is almost entirely Age of Empires coverage, showing that PC specific titles can have an impact on platform related coverage. In fact, Age of Empires was the 4th most covered game last week.

PlayStation saw a slight increase in coverage, despite its State of Play, but the real impact here was Little Devil Inside, which landed 8th in our top ten games by coverage, which we'll reveal on Wednesday.

Some re-entries for this week include free-to-play stalwarts Pokemon Go & Fortnite, but Apex Legends leads the way with a last minute flurry of Season 11 news placing it at number five on our list.

Look out for the top ten on Wednesday, as we reveal the #1 covered game last week. Hint - it's a Square Enix game and it received nearly three times the amount of coverage as the 3rd placed title.

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