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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the newly launched PressEngine blog.

It’s always scary starting a blog with a general topic, but we did want to begin to tell the story of the data we love, and the platform we’ve created.

PressEngine was created to revolutionise the way Game Developers, Publishers, and PR agencies within the video game industry communicate with press and influencers. With a passion for game discovery, we are already the number one coverage generation and campaign management platform within the industry. And we’re just getting started.

With articles and data updated regularly, we’ll be sharing industry updates and new features implemented on the platform, our media share of voice analysis, and advice on how to improve discoverability for your game. We’ll look at how to best interact with content creators, provide case studies from clients and a whole lot more.

PressEngine strives to provide industry wide metrics, with realistic stats and information. We want to share that data with others, to inform and improve the industry. For example, PressEngine was created with the Barcelona principles in mind, meaning "equivalent ad value" isn’t even part of our thinking. We’re far more interested in things like breakdown of readership by territory, what impact messaging has on search, and where consumers go next after reading or watching content.

PressEngine users and clients will know the PressEngine team as Gareth, Phil and Charlotte, but you may not know who handles what within the team.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Gareth, is the PressEngine PR veteran of nearly 20 years. Ready to help our clients with platform queries or give advice on how to maximise impact with their campaign, Gareth handles client support and best practice, whilst also dreaming up new things with Phil to implement.

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Phil is the dev genius behind PressEngine and formerly of Microsoft, where he spent years helping development teams all over the world make the most of Microsoft’s cloud technologies. He amazes the team when he says “I’ve just built this,” and recoils when he hears, “It’s just code, Phil.” An exemplary coder and designer, Phil handles all of PressEngine’s technology; always thinking about how to improve the platform or build the next feature.

Charlotte is PressEngine’s Platform Coordinator and alongside her platform duties, Charlotte is the person behind our social media channels and customer support email. Meaning she is often the first person you speak to. Since she joined the company, we’ve seen our footprint grow to the point where more people are searching for information about the platform than any similar service. In September 2021, Charlotte was a deserved recipient of the inaugural New Impacts award at MCV IRL.

As we move towards the end of 2021, we’ll begin to share more regularly the data that excites us, including showcasing the most covered titles, comparing that coverage to sales data, and highlight standout coverage across the videogames industry. But what would you like to know? If you’ve got a question, or you want to dive into something specifically, just ask, and we’ll do our best to help.

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