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What is PressEngine?

We conducted the largest audit of publications in the history of videogames.

There are so many claims about the size of press lists, but the size of a press list isn't important. The accuracy of mailing lists is far more important. With this in mind, 45,000 registered press or 500,000 influencers are not numbers you're going to see. You will see curated and active contacts who cover products to produce qualitative content.

We actively monitor every publication so you don't have to spend time searching for coverage, with live data on reach, potential reads of each article, and accurate insights that put the information at your fingertips. Not only where outlets are based, but which territories its readers are from.

How does that correlate with search and social amplification, and how do these outlets actually help you sell your games? These are just some of the reasons we built PressEngine - to create a platform that delivers the ability to place, analyse and expand the reach of your products at the press of a button.


Pages of coverage found


Verified outlets


Verified press contacts

A Platform For Engagement

PressEngine was built to encourage targeted communication, not to inundate publications or influencers with too many messages about things they’re not really interested in.

This means fewer emails for press, and streamers, but more coverage for you.

Granular Targeting

Do you want to talk to websites that cover Xbox and PC titles in Mexico, but only those that have a large reach and can be trusted to adhere to embargoes? Or are you a small indie publisher, and a breadth of reviews across 80 websites is important, even if they’re not Metacritic or Opencritic ranked? No problem.

Relevant Data For Campaigns

Discover the top publications for your product before you communicate with them. See the average watch time for influencers. Who are the most author-itative press that increase sales? Undertake competitor analysis and build campaigns that move the needle towards more positive sentiment.

Coverage Reporting

Coverage reporting is time consuming, so we automated the entire process. Now you can spend your time reading reports instead of creating them. Using globally accepted metrics, we provide clear and accurate data on all publications and influencers; expanding this to give you valuable insights.

Sentiment Analysis

Getting coverage is great, but what does that coverage mean, and how is the consumer likely to react?

Using state-of-the-art sentiment analysis you’ll instantly know the overall tone of every article generated, allowing you to target the right audience.

Event Management

If it’s a one-off press event, digital demonstration, or consumer event where you want to offer every exhibitor access to your press list to generate meetings, we can handle all of this in an automated process, reducing workload on events by 90%. We empower press and influencers to make their, and your, lives easier.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to develop your own relationships, analyse the coverage you achieve and what that means for your games or brands, get in touch and talk to us about how PressEngine can help you.